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Digital marketing

The best way to increase awareness of your company online, generate increased traffic to your website, and drive sales/bookings is to use a combination of online tactics (SEO, Google Adwords, email marketing, video advertising, social media)  to form a ‘Digital Marketing Campaign’. DMC will construct an online marketing plan/proposal that meets your requirements, budget and objectives. We only use digital tactics and channels that are cost effective to ensure the campaign generates a pleasing Cost Per Response (CPR). Furthermore our campaign analysis software allows us to monitor and optimise the campaign real time to maximise return on investment (ROI) and to provide the statistics that we need for your campaign reporting.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The main aim of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to increase a websites ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and many more. These are often the first port of call for a consumer looking to find or indeed buy/book a desired product or service. For that reason, it is critical that your website is ranked highly when your industry ‘keywords’ are searched for.

DMC’s Search engine optimisation (SEO) service is centered on generating high quality organic website traffic by using a combination of sustainable techniques. Your website’s performance in search engines is monitored using analysis software and a series of monthly spreadsheet reports. Our service offering and payment model can be tailored to your requirements and objectives from a single campaign to a long term managed SEO account.

Google Adwords / PPC

Google PPC activity can be a highly effective way to increase quality traffic to your website if planned, executed and optimised by an experienced digital marketing consultant.

DMC take a very granular approach to Google Adwords to ensure you get quality converting traffic at the lowest possible ‘cost per click’. We ensure that the campaign is structured so the displayed PPC advertisement accurately portrays your brand/company and matches the user’s search term. Google rewards this approach with a high ranking at a lower cost (Quality Score).

DMC optimise PPC campaigns to maximise efficiency using analysis software that shows the effectiveness of each search term and provides details of clicks and website conversions (sales, orders, registrations).

Email marketing / eDM

Email Marketing is a very cost effective and green way to communicate with both existing and prospect customers. The activity can be tracked to the most granular level providing invaluable customer and campaign insight. DMC take pride in designing creative emails that have excellent ‘stand out’ value, reflect the brand identity and have clear links to appropriate conversion points (bookings, sales, brochures).

DMC have sophisticated email analysis software to enable detailed insightful real-time and post campaign reports including open rate, click rate, conversions, geographical information and social networking activity.

Social media

The interest and popularity of Social Media in recent years has become a global phenomenon. It has become a key and everyday part of modern society across all demographics. Social media is an integral part of any online marketing plan and can be extremely effective in building new and existing customer relationships if planned and implemented correctly.

As a company we remain connected to the latest Social Media developments. DMC are up-to-date with new features, functionality, build platforms, strategy, analytics and emerging networks so you can be confident our advice, planning and deployment continues to be innovative and deliver desired results.

DMC can provide a range of Social Media services depending on your desired level of involvement from a social media strategy proposal to planning, building, deploying, and analysing an ongoing social media management program.

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We at BikePark Wales have been working with DMC for over five years now. They developed our website, booking management systems and continue to work with us by evolving the site/system and adding extra functions as we grow. The DMC team have always been great to work with, proactive and they understand our business which makes a huge difference when explaining and developing new projects.


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