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Revolution Bike Park

Revolution Bike Park in North Wales approached DMC to carry out a complete revamp of their existing website. With careful planning, clever design and some impressive bespoke developments, we were able to provide the Park with an online platform to truly compliment the quality and personality of their business. We implemented a range of improvements to their SEO, mobile responsiveness, user interface design, booking systems and content management/admin functionality. We are confident their new site will make running the business smoother than ever and for years to come.

Web design, web development, booking system, e-commerce, content management, online payment integration, web hosting, technical support, SEO.

Thanks for our slick and easy to use new website and booking system! The guys were a real pleasure to work with from the start to the finish of the project and we're all thrilled with the new website design and ease of use. The team was totally professional, personable and really listened to what we wanted. Communication was on point and we felt Pete was totally approachable to talk about things we did like and things we didn't like and come up with solutions for both! Pete and the team have a real understanding of, and passion for the mountain biking scene making it easy for us to be able to offer a completely user friendly operation both from the customer point of view and the CMS (booking management) end of the website. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you on updates in the future.

Susha Reynolds, Director, Revolution Bike Park


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